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Clearly Solved provides unique alternative dispute resolution services. Clients will have access to mediation and arbitration services in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Arbitration and mediation specialists at Clearly Solved are skilled facilators coming from a wide range of experience and backgrounds.  They can help work through even the most complex disputes by providing creative resolution options. 

By bringing a wider range of services together to resolve disputes through the professional offices of Clearly Spoken, clients will have access to full services.


Mediation is an alternative way to resolve a dispute so that parties do not have to use the adversarial court process.

A professionally trained mediator facilitates parties through a communication process exploring various ways to resolve a dispute. The process is cost effective and aims to preserve relationships. Mediators at Clearly Solved work with participants to find mutually agreeable resolution to disagreements in a way that ensures the best possible outcome for all involved.


Like mediation, arbitration is a method for resolving disputes outside the courtroom. Arbitration differs from mediation in that the process includes an arbitrator or arbitration panel, who ultimately renders a decision all parties agree to follow.

Like mediation, arbitration is generally faster and more cost effective than standard court proceedings.

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